Welcome to Wholenote Net

Let’s first unravel the address. Why net? Because dotcom stands for commerce and dotorg stands for organization and I am neither a salesman or an organization.

Why wholenote? The word has interesting connotations.

  1. Whole > holistic (obvious)
  2. Less obvious is that note (as a exhortation) means to be aware. So, pay attention to the whole.
  3. Wholenote is also a musical notation of length. Music is in the picture. Pay attention to the whole in a musical way; nothing is as whole as a wholenote. 


An old advice tells up to aim above the goal to hit it. If we just aim straight ahead, we will probably miss. So there is good reason to be utopian. (Apart from that it is simply my temperament.)

But don’t get me wrong. I am writing about a possible tomorrow, not about an imagined science-fiction reality hundreds years in front of us. What makes these these things “utopian” is mostly human laziness and heaviness.

What follows here is different models about how we could live together if the winds were different, or if we made ourselves less dependent on winds. These will be my themes:

  • Politics (and how to get rid of politics)
  • Mental environmental-friendliness
  • How to communicate better
  • Analog renaissance (balancing the modern digital life-style)
  • What is general interest?
  • To rule/govern or serve?
  • How to understand peace (and war) in a holistic and musical way.

    The first subject I will write about concerns peace between the sexes. If we want peace in the world the war between the sexes needs to stop, or at least calm down a bit.

Ladislaus Horatius